About Us

Our Mission

Trinity Medical Group LLC was created to perform as a full-service provider to the healthcare industry. We are committed to delivering our customers and partners a completely satisfactory experience by exceeding their expectations.


Trinity Medical Group LLC is a joint venture management consulting company, and is an expert in channel management partnerships. It has brought together currently some of the most experienced and best medical professionals in the world to the Caribbean with a common objective to focus on fostering technological advancement and cost efficiency in delivering quality health care to the citizens of the Caribbean.

  • Arnym Padmore Solomon, MBA - President & CEO

    Arnym Solomon founder of Trinity Medical Group LLC brings over 40 years of Business Development experience, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Procurement and Distribution. He studied at the University of New Haven, The Culinary Institute of America, London University and SUNY. He is also Chairman of Boucan Group International an internationally known consulting firm specializing in Research & Development, Concept Design Development & Nutrition. Arnym also served as Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning for General Mills Company where he directed the development and completion of over 120 projects worldwide.

  • Rakesh Mungal, MBA - Vice President and Director of Finance and Administration

    Rakesh Mungal has 10 years experience in the corporate and independent aspects of Marketing, Finance, Sales, Benefits Planning and Project Management. He attained his BS in International Finance and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida, as well as an Executive MBA. He has been licensed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, as well as the state of Florida and New York for business and benefits planning. Currently, he helps businesses in Health Care and overall Planning.